About Us:

Coastal Crewboats, Inc specializes in support for production operations in the Gulf of Mexico and inland waters. Our boats operate along the Gulf Coast from Port Mansfield, Texas to Venice, Louisiana and range in size from 77ft to 14ft. We offer certified, inspected crewboats starting at 42ft. We also have a fleet of smaller boats that operate in bays, lakes and inland waterways.

Our Company is owned by David R. Pilgrim and Alan Latham who have a wealth of maritime and production knowledge and experience. Our Port Captain, Tom Edeburn, has over 15 years with the company as a mechanic and USCG licensed captain. Our work force is filled with long term employees who are committed to maintaining our fleet and building satisfying relationships with our customers.

Corporate management is also committed to providing our employees a Quality Management System which; (1) Addresses safety risks, (2) Integrates safety into existing business activities, (3) Defines accountability and measures safety system performance, (4) Provides safe work practices training, and (5) Focuses on the management of hazards and their effects. Coastal Crewboats, Inc. has established methods for employees to report job-related incidents, near miss situations, hazards, and to promptly make recommendations about appropriate ways to control those hazards. All employees participate in a Safety Award Program.


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