Crewboat Rentals

Coastal Crewboats, Inc offers a variety of crewboat rentals in support of marine operations including oil & gas production, dredging, surveying, launch service and various marine construction activities.

Welcome to Coastal Crewboats

Coastal Crewboats, Inc. has provided services to oil and gas production companies for over 30 years; transporting cargo, fuel, water and personnel to offshore and inland water production facilities in Texas and Louisiana. Our president and managers are talented maritime and land based professionals who have a wealth of experience supporting oil and gas production operations. Our focus on production has allowed us to build long term relationships with satisfied customers.

Crewboat Rentals

Coastal Crewboats offers a variety of crewboats for charter to meet your need for safe and reliable transportation on the water.

Offshore Transportation

Transporting personnel or cargo, we can get you there with experienced crew members on USCG Inspected vessels.

Marine Construction

Projects on the water can present transportation challenges. We can work with you to find the right boat for your crew and equipment.


Coastal Crewboats operates many offshore vessels in the Gulf of Mexico and has built an excellent reputation for maintaining the highest level of quality when it comes to our vessels and crew. Safety and training is our top priority!